About - Dr Karan

About Me

My name is Dr Karan Rajan and I am a surgeon by day (and occasionally night!). I completed my medical training at Imperial College London & am a member of the Royal College of Surgeons England.
I am currently a clinical lecturer at The University of Sunderland Medical School.
Now all the boring stuff is out the way let me tell you what else I do…
I make online videos about health, science & medicine…from why smelly feet can save your life to why you should always pee after sex! In addition to this, one of my favourite pastimes online has been debunking misinformation & myths. In fact studies have shown that watching my videos is associated with a 246% relative risk increase of becoming a more tolerable human being (spoiler: this is not guaranteed and this is a *joke*)
Please don't ask for medical advice as I cannot give any online. For starters, don’t believe everything you see or hear online…always do your own research and I urge the same after watching my videos. Whilst I try to provide accurate information on everything I create, the videos are intended as an invitation to explore those topics and delve deeper yourself! I mean…how do you even know I'm a real person and not an advanced sentient AI? An early Skynet prototype.